Entertainment News: Ice Cube Penciled Portrait + Zendaya Accosted By A TMZ Paparazzi


Entertainment News: Ice Cube Penciled Portrait


Ice Cube  does have a mean look when he wants to. In fact the mean part of his face is what defines him.

And the pencil that went to work,really placed in to perspective that fact and made it manifest in all its quarters.

For a penciled art form, indeed the hand that crafted this one is gifted.

For the eyes it is really Entertainment

Entertainment News: Zendaya Accosted By A Paparazzi


Being an Entertainment is a hard thing. With the fame comes the breaking down of one’s private .

In fact private life is the first sacrifice these have to make on their ascending ride to the top.

Zendaya was out on a walk with her puppy and out from no where came a TMZ paparazzi.

Little wonder why walking her puppy can even qualify to become worthy.