Entertainment News: Is P Diddy The New King Of Harlem

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I knew from following music, I knew about from reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X but with the two added up I know that Black’s in the US still need more than big chains and flashy cars.

Thus it was nice to hear about the Charter school opened by P in his native home of Harlem.

Obviously P Diddy cares about his fellow black brothers and is comfortable enough to share something with them that can see them in the future wearing those expensive suits P Diddy wear on a daily.

Anyways P Diddy is in a very good #Mood as conveyed by the picture he posted on Instagram with the above hashtag as its caption.

Now that’s one crazy mood to be in. To have a white girl shave him while he relaxes his fingers. A white body guard at his side.

Does P Diddy now see himself as the Black King of Harlem?

One can only assume.

But then P Diddy is a King but whether of Harlem or Music only time will tell.

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