Entertainment News: Julius Agwu, God’s Second Son

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One significant change that quite obvious in and around is his renewed faith in God and public glorification of the most high.

Julius Agwu the comedian has become nothing short of an apostle and it is not at all surprising to catch him attending one church program or another, if one only but look at his social media activities.

It is safe to insinuate that Julius Agwu is now a born again Christian, birthed in the blood of Jesus and appointed unto the service of Christendom.

What actually instigated this writeup is the caption on Julius Agwu’s page in which he had proclaimed himself to be the 2nd son of God.

If he is the 2nd son of God, obviously Jesus is the 1st but what dose that make you and me?

I think we are all sons and daughters of God, to start putting *first *second and *third would only necessitate another religious banter.

Any ways happy journey to him as he walk the narrow road to heaven.

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