Entertainment News: Keke Palmer, The Renaissance Woman

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Entertainment News
Keke Palmer, The Renaissance
that chick that you just have to look twice at. Her carriage these days is everything from ambition, sexuality, music, and dance to artistic manifestation.

She brags about being gender fluid (in the sex department), stating that she hates being tagged or labelled but then the nearest meaning for theĀ  “gender fluid” phrase is the term “bisexuality”. But then is that what she really means?


Her soft beauty has over the years stayed unspoilt, maturing with each passing moments into a fierce attractiveness that is capable of compelling any sexually active male.


Recently she took to her page with just one purpose in mind.

To define herself!

And in her own words, she states:

# Renaissance Woman
” a woman who has acquired profound
knowledge or proficiency in more than
one field”


Although she might hate being labeled but not in this aspect, Keke Palmer is a Renaissance Woman and she she wants you to know just that.

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