Entertainment News: Lady Gaga Talks About Her Personality + Meryl Streep Mocks Donald Trump

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Entertainment News:  Lady Gaga Talks About Her Personality


According to Her:

“I guess the thing , what I am as Gaga really is what other people think Gaga is,” she says during an interview with actress Jamie Lee Curtis on television programme Actors on Actors. “It’s not necessarily what I am. Gaga is this stronger individual part of myself that I discovered being young in New York – loving music, meeting with young artists, working with musicians, with writers, studying the scene, and being involved in the lifestyle. I started to call myself Gaga. (It) was the nickname I had at my best. It is a bit of a creation. But it’s other people that have created (it) through what I’ve made; their perception of what Gaga is, is a separate entity from me.”

“What I am at any given moment is some sort of amalgamation of Stefani – a young Italian-American girl from New York whos an actress and a songwriter and a rebel – and what I’m creatively interested in at the time: the music and culture and lifestyle and art that’s influencing me as I’m reading and writing music,” she details. “If I’m playing a character at the same time, I’m also that as well. I live a lifestyle of endless, relentless love for making my work. That informs me as a person in every way, all the time. It’s a quite difficult thing for me to answer, because I’m entirely Stefani and I’m entirely Gaga. But I was also entirely the Countess (on American Horror Story: Hotel).”

For some people this could equally be described as “POSSESSION”.

Or bluntly put, is possession?

Entertainment News: Meryl Streep Mocks


Now its no news that a lot of people in and outside the US are in total disagreement with Donald Trump’s ambition to become President.

In fact its one disagreement that spans the world and a lot of people (the majority) are deeply against that ambition.

Because all that Donald Trump is, are “HATE” “RACISM” and “WAR”

Another American Actress to join this section of people is .

The three time Oscar winner took to stage with a mocking oversized suit and the peculator hairdo that were both in resemblance to Donald Trump’s bouffant.

Performing to a crowd at the 2016 Public Theater Gala at the Delacorte Theater in Manhattan’s Central Park.

She was joined by Tony Award winner and The Good Wife star Christine Baranski as presumptive U.S. Democratic Party presidential nominee and together they sang to the purpose of mocking both Hilary and Donald Trump’s ambition.