Entertainment News: So Kanye West And Family Were Living Under Kris Jenner’s Roof All This While?

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Boy! Some things are just hard to comprehend but is the issue of , and their kids living with all this while one of them?

Anyways kanye West and his part of the family are already on their way out,as a truck billed for that purpose was seen doing its job already.


Stories like this is proof enough of the powers of women. Kanye West surely wouldn’t find it funny living under same roof with his own kin at his age but was doing it anyways under Kris Jenner.

The truck it is said is heading for the Bel-Air crip they had bought in 2013 for 11 million. But since the said crip is also up for 20 million in the market, it is safe to say the move is temporary.

Big up to Kanye West for holding up with his in laws for this long.

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