Entertainment News: The South African Gay Who Died of Anal Cancer And The Insults That Followed

Entertainment news

The story of the guy from South African making the rounds. Koyo Bala until the time of his was 36 years old and was part of the musical Gay group known as 3sum.

What led to his death has been described as “anal pain” which had began on Sunday and ended his life the next day which was monday, the 7th of March.



According to medical reports the anal pain was the symptom of Anal Cancer.

He was also HIV positive.

Now my concern is with the abundance of insults and eternal curses that has escorted his exit.

One would have thought that with death would have come a peaceful farewell from homophobic but instead even in death the hate for the is all there is.

Anyways my question is, what is the fate of a gay African male after death?

Hell or Heaven?

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