Entertainment News: Timaya And The ‘thing’ Called Swag

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Timaya unarguably the finest musical export of the Ijaw people or should I say Bayelsa? But since no man is free from their past, it is safe to always refer to his past.

Timaya’s past was not as sweet as it looks today, the story of Timaya was one fraught with hardship and the sour taste of real poverty.


Like his song Plantain Seller stipulates, his past was one huge drama of scouring the streets for bread crumbs through hawking and menial labor that his peers couldn’t even indulge in.


It is for these reasons one finds it pleasurable to look at the current Timaya in awe. He is a survivor. And among the many , his swag is almost enviable.


From a child who had nothing, to a teenager with dreams and then an adult male with prayers on his lips for God’s intervention, Timaya’s fashion statement is a sign of the miraculous.

That anyone can become greater than their obstacle in life

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