Entertainment News: Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Smoking Knows No Boundaries

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Wiz Khalifa‘s weed smoking an integral part of who he is and what he has become. It is hard to imagine Khalifa living life without the vapours from the green herbs.

Wiz Khalifa’s smoking habit bears origin from his childhood and affiliation to the streets and thus it is is membership card to the hood and the memories that comes with it.

But sometimes people do find reasons to cry that Wiz Khalifa’s weed smoking habit is becoming too much.

After all there is never a time one gets to see the without his smoke in hand.


But like everything else in this world, a man must be known for something. A Christian carries his Bible, a Moslem his Koran and then comes the beads and chants of the East.

So for him smoking weed always is to constantly prove that he is a committed weed smoker and is his .

Therefore Wiz Khalifa’s weed smoking should bother no one because it is not stopping any time soon.

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