Even You Can Become A Nigerian Celebrity


Even You Can Become A Celebrity

A is a Nigerian that is celebrated in a given field where they must have made particular progress.

Most often, the term Nigerian is used solely for Nigerians in the .

And this, is an erroneous definition of the term.

You don’t have to be an entertainer to gain that status.

All you have to do is make exceptional progress in your given field.

For instance, the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote is not a dancer or an actor but a business tycoon.

He is a celebrated Nigerian today because he is the richest man in not just Nigeria but in Africa as a whole.

Which means he is a Nigerian Celebrity because he is a success story.

A lot of actors and musicians in Nigeria today would not ve been considered as anything if not for the monetary attachment that comes with their level and status.

Being a Nigerian Celebrity entails having more material gain than most people (that’s one aspect to it).

To have people know your face beyond your immediate environment is another factor that can make one a Nigerian Celebrity, the larger the scope, the more authentic the level of one’s Nigerian Celebrity status.

For instance, the case of Jumoke the bread seller comes to mind.

Through the help of Nigerian Celebrity Ty Bello and others, her story was forced on us all and by so doing, she was made a Nigerian Celebrity.

Simply because people now know her story, know her face and her struggle on a large scale.

If her story, had only the popularity range of just Ajegunle or let’s say Surulere, then she would have been termed “a Surulere celebrity”.

In other words you become a celebrity with your name and story becoming the concern of other people you don’t even know.

The larger the number of people aware of your existence, the higher your Nigerian Celebrity rank.

So no matter what you are doing now. Whether a bread seller, a Disc Jockey, a model, a writer,a blogger or even a fashionista, you can become a Nigerian Celebrity by becoming the best in your field.

Climb until you get to the pyramid top, and people will start talking about your story. They will propagate it, they will form a cult around it and before you know it, other would begin to take notice.

And not just take notice, but also include you in their social group.

So no matter the level you are operating now, just continue to climb, at the top of the pyramid is the Nigerian Celebrity status only you deserve.

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