Female Naija Singles And Money


Female And Money

Female Singles are like everywhere, they love the good things of life.

They want to be treated to the best taste material standard can afford.

But not all of them can get their plates full with this wish.

Many were born below average, and material lack has almost become second nature.

Many can barely get bye, but their state of lack should not at all deceive you into believing wrongly.

That they are all simple.

A typical female Naija single wants love as well as .

She might hold off the sex for the last but I swear, she wants to be getting those material things at the very start of each moment.

Personally I think it wrong for a man to make his woman endure too much suffering.

Anyways when it comes to Female Naija Singles and money, they can be grouped under two categories.

The first set of female Naija singles want the money by fire or by force.

They don’t pretend at all when it comes to money. They would not allow you into their circle unless you hold promises in that department.

And when with a guy with money, they would not rest until they empty him.

They make more demands than viruses.

And the second category is filled with female Naija singles that can go through courtship with you.

Share your dreams and hopes, waiting for the day when your fortune would come and you would treat them as queens.

To this category you would find many female Naija singles.

The difference between them and the other category is that they want the money but they are willing to wait for it to come.

They are not that desperate, to the point of overlooking things like a man’s innate gifts or his long term potential.

They want the whole package. Not just the money.

Conclusively, they all want money but obviously, in different ways.

So be guided. Look well before you leap.


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