Harry Song and His Peculiar Dress Sense

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Felix Brambaifa

Harry Song is D’boo with a peculiar . Now what is gossips if not the talking of celebrities, their do and donts and what they did and the deeds? Being a celebrity goes with having a good dress sense. To be a true celebrity one must know how to dress. Infact celebrity is fashion.

And just loves showing through his dress sense, that Niger delta heritage. Harry Song is among his fellow colleagues, the one with The height, the build and the handsomeness that has nothing to do with bleaching cremes.


Now that’s a pose combined with a dress sense. As a celebrity he knows that what he wears is copied by fans and I can guess he is expecting fans all over to start wearing that sandals. But would you?

Anyways Harry Song is a FiveStarMusic and who is also on top of the food chain. No doubt about that.

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