Has President Buhari Changed things For The Worse?


Has Changed things For The Worse?

The arrival of into government already had, as an objective to the status quo ante.

The people wanted the change or so they thought?

Months into the new adminstration and the divide between the poor and the rich is becoming even more wider.

For the first time in a long while Nigerians are saying they are suffering without any exaggeration added.


Some bigots would not allow sense take full expression.

They want us to keep on smiling while the rumblings from pangs drags us a little too closer to our deaths with each passing moment.

They hate to see people talk about President Buhari or what his administration is bringing into effect.

They want us to shut up!

With increasing unemployment rates and exorbitant food prices, our voices is what we have left as a people.

Must that also be taken from us?

There are many kinds of suffering but the one that comes from “lack of food” can be considered the worse.

It is almost like a death wish. To be hungry and be unable to buy sustenance because food prices are no longer the same.

It seems the present administration has changed things for the worse.

But a friend of mine who is an APC apologist thinks its just my subjective reality and not what Nigerians are truly experiencing.

So help us settle this argument by lending your voice to it.

By answering this very important question.

Has President Buhari Changed Things For The Worse?

Or not?

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