HIV Aids Virus In Nigeria


Felix Brambaifa

Aside the epidemic that almost tumbled the existence of the African Continent. Aids or has always been the greater menace. HIV as a disease has become an horrible identity of its own. One could get any other sexual disease and be okay with it as long as it not HIV aids.

But quite alarming is the HIV Aids Situation in Nigeria. A situation where those who have the HIV virus prefer to pretend about it while transmitting the disease. Then on the other hand are people like my self who will never go for an HIV test. The waiting and suspense might just kill someone.

According to statistics there is an estimated 3.4 million Nigerians with the HIV Aids Virus as diagnosed last year and out of this lot 2.9 million are in hiding, and without treatment to contain the disease.

Just imagine the deliberate wickedness.

These HIV Monsters like the gory nature of those zombies in the animated game Alone In The Dark or better still Resident Evil are just out there spreading the HIV virus without conscience.

Look! If you are one of such persons. Please locate the nearest . Report your case take your drugs and live responsibly.

As it is, is enough trouble for Nigerians, to add HIV terrorism to the mix is just not a placating imagination at all.

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