Homosexual Couple With The Longest Wedding Gown


Felix brambaifa
With the way straight men are now turning into over night it for most religious people the signs of the . But end time apart, some men are just plain stupid, that is not to say people are stupid. That’s if you catch my drift.

Anyways the picture above is the focal point of this post and like the title says: “Homosexual Couple With The Longest Wedding Gown”. In all the marriages I have attended over here in never had my eyes fallen upon a gown that was this long.

So now I wonder! Who picked the gown between the two men? Didn’t it feel absurd?

I guess the heterosexual world should brace themselves, for I believe the race for the HOMOSEXUAL COUPLE WITH THE LONGEST WEDDING GOWN HAS ONLY JUST BEGAN and they must have to sit back, fold hands and watch!

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