Hope For The Nigerian Graduate

Hope For The Nigerian Graduate

Hope For The has become an illusion. a fleeting dream forever outside their grasp. A mirage at best.

Here in , it feels as if going to the university is only the beginning to more hardship in life. its importance has been lost to the wind.

There is no longer , no jobs to honor their years in school, no outlet through which to express their intellectual potentials.

All has become stagnant, faith no longer hold strong waters as the society is now in the grasps of illiterate men only bothered by the impulse of the greed and savagery.

Their greed has cancelled every necessary hope for the graduate, fresh out of school and in desperate need to show worth through service to Father Land.

These myopic people in places of influence would rather give opportunities and job placements to relatives and friends rather than interest the expertise of a Nigerian graduate.

The Nigerian graduate might have a larger role to play in the structuring of the Nigerian complex but the powers that be cares little about ‘intelligence’ but more about ‘power’.

Thus it would seem that the only hope for the Nigerian graduate is the kind that must come from the barrel of a gun. The kind motivated and sustained by FORCE.

Through force, through the revolution of the people, the hope of the Nigerian graduate can be retrieved from the thieving hands of the political class.

And through it be sustained.

The Nigerian graduate must rise, rise to the prospect of real , the kind that must involve the fire of a material revolution to make outcast the tyranny of the oppressive few.

The only hope for the Nigerian graduate is the one to be derived from their refusal to be oppressed without a fight.   mioj9utcf.jio-897654q32\QAGH

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