How To Create A WordPress Post For Beginners

How To Create A WordPress Post

How to create a for beginners simply what it is. This post is to teach you just that.

In this post we would be using the WordPress Android app which I am of course using.

To get yours, visit Google Play Store or just just search for “WordPress App Apk File”, then download from any of the links.

It would look like this, when you log Into it with your username and password.

Now on create a WordPress Post all you have to do is click the orange button at the bottom right.

All you have to do is insert your topic where my topic is located.

Then below you would see options, just click on them.

*Strike Through
*Insert Link
*More option
*Insert Image and videos

In the post settings you would see the options to choose categories, schedule your posts, put tags and then always the publish button is just click that.

So there you have it, a in how to create a WordPress Post.

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