How To Grow A Thicker Beard

How to grow a thicker beard

How to a thicker now a fashion statement, a mans craze to look just like his ego would approve of. Growing a thicker beard is one question that a lot of men out there would want answers to.

But it is a one aim that seems almost elusive to a lot men out there who can’t seem to figure out the path to follow on this road trip of becoming a more pronounced man.

Sadly when it comes to growing thick beards the role of a mans genetics cannot be overlooked. You heard me right! Sometimes it is not just in you to grow that much beard thus the reason why most men make the various attempts but still come out still begging of new ways on grow a thicker beard.

Without much ado, let begin!

Before giving up be reminded that there is a need to have your beards on for a period of four weeks at least but during these weeks what you do or do not do can make or mar your progress. The importance of this period is that thats when the actually growing begins, the period when those patchy space on your chin begins to cover up.

In fact the longer you carry the beard, the thicker it becomes.

During these weeks make sure to apply any beard oil of your choice and also do not shave or bring near any clippers or scissors or you risk loosing the benefits.

Now as to the tips you must apply on your journey of how to grow a thicker beard. The first is:

Physical Exercises

Beards and Testosterone go hand in hand. To grow beards you must have Testosterone and the thicker and longer you want it, then the more Testosterone you must make in your body and physical exercises brings them out.


Among the tips on how to grow THICKER beard this one is the most easiest, we all sleep at night and while we are lying down and dosing off. Our body enters into a repair mood and while at it increases Testosterone in the body as well as move nutrients to every part of the body.

If you cannot get more then make sure you get the required 8 hours sleep that your body needs and your beards would be grateful for it.

Avoid Stress
Stress activates the hormones Cortisol in our body and that bad boy cause chaos in our system which affects Testosterone and adds unnecessary body weight. So by all means avoid anything that would stress you out.

Nutrients and Supplements

In case you do not know, even your beards need good foods to grow thicker. It needs proteins and that means you need foods like meat, eggs and nuts, they are all protein dense.

As for vitamins your beard and body needs copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

There you have it, tips on How To Grow A Thicker Beard.

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