How To Make Money Online


How to online the big questions going through the minds of people in this time of recession.

And if you are a it is even worse. A lot of Nigerians are graduating from the University into a society with no job.

The question on their mind now more than ever is MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

They understand that the internet is the way forward, a digital existence that can earn them from the comfort of their houses.

Yes the internet is the way but what exactly is the means that work?

A lot of people are into different things online, these people were once bothered by the question,”how to make money online” and now they are actually living off the internet.

But for me the answer to that question came to me when I started blogging.

Yes! Blogging!

Blogging is the way I make a living online. It gives me the chance to be self employed doing what I like.

You get to talk on any topic you like, from the serious to the funny.

Of course.

They are issues like SEO, Quality Content and Consistency but those are topics for another post.

This post is simply to answer that question “how to make money online” and for me that perfect way is through blogging.

I think it is the best for me because I am a writer with a wide range of Interests.

And as a Nigerian, there is nothing more sweeter than being self employed.

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