How To Naturally Lighten The Skin With Milk


How To Naturally Lighten The Skin came to my when the lack of sleep took its toll on me and dark circles started displaying themselves round my eyes.

But have you ever thought of naturally lighten your skin without the use of chemicals that would affect your skin negatively at the long run?

Then you are in luck because there are ways that you could actually do that without the consequent guilt from that usually follows.

Yes! is one way through which you could lighten your skin naturally without the worries of damaging your skin.

Milk contains lactic acid and when applied topically on the face over a period of time begins to reduce the skins pigmentation, leading to a lighter skin complexion.

The result becomes visible with as little as three weeks of daily topical administration but for others the length might vary.

How To Naturally Lighten The Skin With MilkĀ 

Whether it is goat or cow milk (both can do the job), pour in a bowl and mix with a little water that is if you are using powdered milk.

You can also decided to warm for at least 30 seconds in a microwave but it is not a must.

Use a washcloth or cotton wool, soak in the bowl of milk and then massage the milk  into the face and neck as required.

Use warm water to wash after 10 -15 minutes.

That’s How To Naturally Lighten The Skin With Milk.