If You Have The Biggest Hips in Nigeria What Would You Do With It?

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Felix Brambaifa
What would you do if you were endowed with one of the in you area. The hips that the guys drool over and the are envy of. Would you flaunt it or just leave it to lie low?

To have the biggest ass not as the same thing as having the biggest hips. There is something about the hips that goes beyond the ass. It forces the eyes to take notice and the mind to want to have a piece of the curved flesh.


The picture above where that massive hips is pinpointed is said to belong to a Lagosian and she has been dubbed the biggest hips in the whole of . But can this be true?

I have seen some Yoruba girls in Lagos flaunt their hips and the size is just definitely bigger than what we now have on that picture.

But the question now is:
* Is she really the one with the biggest hips in Lagos?

* If you are endowed with such hips would you flaunt it or just conceal that beauty.

Let me know what you think and would do, concerning this issue of the biggest hips in Lagos but until then that baby is the biggest hips in Lagos.

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