Is Ebola A Sign of The End Times?



By Pen Talks
I was surfing through ( the period Sawyer brought the EBOLA VIRUS into Nigeria) when I came across an update by a female friend. At first glance I instantly became irritated, wondering why some Nigerians are so addicted to the crime of peddling fear, inflicting on the minds of others, a psychological bewitchment, capable of serious effects.
According to her the EBOLA pandemic one of the wrath of God as contained in revelation, a similar affliction to that recorded in , which led to the first male child of the Egyptian’s coming to an untimely but calculated end.
Thus she was of the opinion that we should all repent, come to Christ and be prepared for the rapture, which she was certain was around the corner
As a Christian by birth, I know the importance of trading the gospel and appealing to the minds of people but to use fear as a method is the most wicked psychological manipulation I can think of.
No doubt the EBOLA VIRUS BRINGS TO us a dreadful reality as if the penury in the land is not enough punishment already but instead of casting an apocalyptic end, these so call Christians should, by employing sense, use that message from the , which says ” I come not to give you the spirit of fear”.
If the end must come, let it come but I don’t think it is palatable for anyone to place us in constant remembrance of the suffering not yet born. EBOLA VIRUS is not the end, EBOLA Virus is no wrath of God.

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