Is Linda Ikeji The Best Nigerian Blog?


Is Linda Ikeji out there was a question I had to ask myself some many months back.

That was before my journey into serious blogging or should I say blogging as a means to an end began.

My answer at that time was “ is the best out here in Nigeria”

But that was before I became more serious with my assessment. And since then I have come to accept the fact that Linda Ikeji as a blog (not as a blogger) is not the best.

True! She gets the traffic, huge numbers of fans heading to her site on a daily basis but that is just that.

Fame does not necessarily mean quality, the same way quantity does not.

In the area of popularity Linda Ikeji comes first but on that pyramid top of quality she is not at all a member.

Real time utility and quality is not something you would easily find on the pages of Linda Ikeji. You just have to look else where.

The site has succeeded in becoming the no1 gossip site in Nigeria but not the no1 source of quality information and news.

So if you ask me yet again that old question ” Is Linda Ikeji The Best Blog?”

My answer would be, she is the best when it comes to just gossips but not at all the best when it comes to quality.

Bella Naija currently is a better site in this regard. Not to mention others like Naij and Pulse ng who are doing a very good job with gossip and .

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