Is Phyno The Most Talented Igbo Rapper Yet?

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Nigerian Phyno is now the face of rappers in Nigeria but this was not always the case.

He was not always considered The Most Talented Igbo Rapper. Before him were others of Igbo origin that spewed the Igbo language through their rap songs across the landscape.


Personally the foremost in this regard was Nigga Raw also know as Mr Raw. He was the first who actually in my own opinion did justice to .

He had a blend of the Igbo language and the Nigerian vernacular in his lyrics and it was his songs that would later inspire Phyno to make songs in Igbo with little space for other languages.

Before the Nigerian Celebrity Phyno became what is now considered “The Most Talented Igbo Rapper” there were other rap artists like Slow Dog, MC Loph and 2Shotz.


But unlike them the Nigerian Celebrity Phyno took the Igbo rap game further than any of them ever did.

I mean, most of us now dance and mime to his songs even though we know nothing about the true meaning of the words.

The beats and punchline is another area Phyno would work on that would differentiate him from others.

It was the Nigerian Celebrity Phyno that made Igbo rap the norm, with him it became okay to listen to Igbo rap and feel gangster about it.

In my own opinion, the Nigerian Celebrity Phyno is The Most Talented Igbo Rapper yet and currently there is none that can equal his prowess.

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