Is The Nigerian Democracy in Danger?


Felix Brambaifa

Is the in Danger? If yes! In danger of what?
A lot of Nigerians are becoming quite troubled by the sightings of what many has come to term “the militarisation of our political and social spheres. For instance that absurd law that was recently thought up by the Nigerian law makers to arrest the freedom of speech of Nigerians on social media.

That they would even think up such restrictions enough to tell us that this new government does not actually care about the fundamentals of Democracy.

While we watch and wait it is important to note that no other form of Government can actually help our diversity except democracy and as such any move by the government to impose policies that contradicts the pillars of democracy should be vehemently refused by the people.

On this question of our democracy, it is important we realize that it is beyond party affiliations and sentiments. Our freedom is beyond our bond to either or . so should our democracy be threatened by these nefarious politicians, we then hold it as a duty to ourselves to resist such tyranny.

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