Is The Nigerian Entertainment Industry Part Of The Illuminati?

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The has somehow become the engine of the entertainment industry in America and like others would claim, the engine all over the world in not just music, but politics, religions and what have you.

Life itself is an not just to the Creator but also to ourselves the created. This can easily describe why man is moved by such motions as music and movies.

Its an entertainment medium through which their own lives are depicted through the personal stories of both fictional and original characters, singing a tune or acting a tale.

Through it the minds of those listening or watching is programmed to the purpose of a third party. People fear such possibilities, especially here in Nigeria.

So one can imagine the comments and rebuke that followed when (PSquare) pictured the symbol of the pyramid with his hands.

Illuminati! They shouted.

But could it be true that even here in the , the Illuminati hold’s sway?

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