Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Obsession for Nudity


The world truly is at its lowest level when the issue of morality and decency must be discussed. There was a time when the nether region of a lady was best kept concealed from preying eyes but now it seems the reverse has become the case, where is displayed on front pages as if we have all now become voyeuristic in nature.

No other sector is more guilty or rather more indulgent to this habit of constant nudity than the . Where sex and nudity has become the norm for artistic expression. The focal point of this piece is on and whose love for nudity is quite surprising and appalling at the same time.

These two are one of the strangest couples on this planet and one of the most famous nudist in the entertainment industry in the US. Kim Kardashian became famous all because of a sextape, where Ray J took his time enjoying her sexual expertise. Thus for the sake of a miniature porn video Kim Kardashian became an household name, made popular by sex and nudity.

Kanye West on the other hand is that rapper with both the gift and the curse that comes with . Although eccentric, no one could had thought his affinity towards unclad females bodies was as close as ones breath to the nostrils.

I had thought  that after marriage the display of her private parts would end but instead to my dismay, talks about how Kanye approves of her nudity in public became the only response. A response that has now led me into pondering if the marriage is real or if we are actually staring at two celebrities who are full time nudist at heart. Maybe!

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