KCEE Looking More Like His Brother E Money With Each Passing Day


Nigerian celebs are enthusiasts and one thing you can be sure of about celebs are their taste for traditional attires. On that picture is one Nigerian celeb that is considered by most as that Nigerian celeb who does not have a decent fashion style. He is no other person but .

But fortunately for those of us who still take time to look at what he is wearing, it seems KCEE is finally becoming a fashion statement himself and like most people would say, becoming more like his brother .


That is E and BOSS is written all over.
E Money is the boss and brother to KCEE, “The Limpopo Crooner” . He is in fact the structure and animating spirit of the FiveStarMusic enterprise. So for KCEE, E Money is someone not just bonded by blood but also by passion and business. Thus worth emulating.

For me E Money is the finer and more classy between the both of them. In fact KCEE and E Money cannot be compared in the fashion department, only except with recent statements from KCEE which is just a borrowed copy of his brother’s swag.

But looking like one’s own brother is a good thing, thus KCEE looking and dressing like his brother is not at all a bad thing but a sign that KCEE does indeed have a good fashion taste after all.


That’s E Money yet again and the fashion bros just killed it like a 10 thousand hands against a single mosquito.

KCEE looking like E Money,now dressing like him is a good sign that from hence forth even KCEE might become the next Nigerian celeb Nigerians would start expecting serious fashion statements from.

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