Kim Kardashian As A Child

Gossip Chef

Kim as a was no different from other kids her age as she was allowed to bite down big chunks of cake without fear of growing fat or becoming obese. Being a child definitely has its perks. But that not the case in her adult life as the desire to be a sex symbol would not even allow her just like other celebrities to eat properly.


That is Kourtney sharing a pose with kim (now that’s a child with some childhood history, being chubby is one of them), in a period when the both of them were still in middle school seems even as a child had the pretty genes. And it is thus only befitting to see her use that part of her even as an adult. Oh! I forget that is all she is. Just a pretty face.


Everyone does have those period in their lives when innocence was the only word that can describe them. The above PIC of Kim and Nicole Richie is just that exact moment when even Kim Kardashian would look back to and boldly say “I was once innocent”. That innocence that sex tapes and nude pictorials has completely erased.


A 2007 photo of Kim and her younger step sisters, Kylie and Kendall. Those two are now bosses of their own, slaying the red carpets with no needed escorts.

There are other photos of her out their on the but these ones convey a moment of innocence in the life of Kim Kardashian. A far cry from what she currently is at the moment. The queen of nudity.

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