Kylie Jenner Looking Every Bit Like her Sister Kim Kardashian



Felix Brambaifa

The Kardashians are suckers for the limelight and it is no wonder that each of the daughters are in a  desperately habit for the front row. has become the no 1 favorite but it seems no matter her clamour and fame the little sister is just a copy cat of what Kim kardashian is ( even to the point of loosing her virginity at age 14 by the consent of their mother Kris Jenner.

The picture above says it all. That’s Kylie Jenner and Tyga in the same copycat pose that Kanye West and was in the pic they took in April. That of Tyga and was taken just this Wednesday.

Check out the all too glaring familiarities:

1 ) black shades

2 ) hair parted down the middle

3 ) chic coat

4 ) rapping significant other dressed in a black hoody and shielding you from the paparazzi

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