Kylie Jenner’s Sexual Desires


Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires

Can one completely assume or grasp Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires? I think the answer is obviously no.

But since everything that must be, must show signs, it is safe to say that her actions in recent years has shown us a sample of the moral blueprint of  Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires.

She is displaying the tendencies of taking the same sexual decisions taken by her older sister who, I believe is the throne of sexual racketeering that goes on in that family of theirs.

Just days after her breakup with Tyga, rumours of several existing sex tapes with him surfaced and knowing what the Kardashians are made up off, it would be business again.

Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires are almost transparent. You could almost touch it through the antics on her Instagram page. Where every post is a message, a signal.

Since the start of her Instagram page, has been exhibiting subliminal messages of her allegiance to the gay community.

We have seen her talk and advocated for the LGBT community on many occasions and once we have even seen her night post with a sexual embrace of a female around 2pm which came with the tag”bae”.

So the words on the lips of those who carry her as an interest is, she might be a bisexual.

Mind you, these are just personal assumptions.

The image above was posted by Kylie Jenner some days back and that females embrace or frontal positioning got many people talking yet again that she might actually be a bisexual.

But is that enough fact?

Can’t a girl take any pose she likes without people tying sexual meanings to them? Or has every form of naughtiness become an expression of sexual desires?

According to some gossip groups Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires naturally tilts towards the turf of a bisexual.

According to their argument, this so called truth is the underlying reason why she is always in sexy situations with her female acquaintances.

According to these assumption theorists, she might become the one whose sexual orientation would finally cement the Keeping Up With hold on the LGBT community.

So in other words Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires at the end would and must fall in line only with the best benefit of the family.

With that being the case, and with the scions of always applying the principle of Family Comes First. One can also assume that Kylie Jenner’s sexual desires would definitely abide to the script.

To only that which is to the family a money bringer.

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