Liverpool Man Ernest Davenport Kills Wife after She Declared He Was Not The Father of Eldest Son

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Felix Brambaifa
Confronted by the gruesome reality of what his action had caused Ernest Davenport from Made the call to 999:

“I have had a fight with my wife and I think I’ve killed her.”
The operator replied:
“How have you done this?”, to which Davenport responded:
“We, we had a barney and started arguing and it’s come to a… you know.”
Prosecuting, Alaric Bassano QC said:
“In this telephone call, the defendant declared that he had had an argument with his ex-wife at his house, that he had used a ‘long knife’ against her, that she was on the settee in the living room and he believed she was .”


“He explained that the knife was now in the kitchen of his house and that he himself was also injured. The defendant was downstairs at his property when he was talking during this call but he abandoned the call just as his son Michael Davenport was arriving at the house. Michael attended his father’s house every Tuesday after work and on the day in question had let himself into the property, with his father upstairs at the time. He suffered the harrowing experience of finding his motionless and fatally injured mother on the settee in the living room. He picked up the telephone and was surprised to hear the police operator on the line. During the 999 call Michael Davenport can be heard asking his father what has happened. The defendant can be heard replying ‘we had a barney


According to him his ex wife came after him with taunting him, saying:

“You aren’t half the man you think you are” and when he asked what she meant, he claimed she said that their son, Mark, now aged 38, was not his son.
He said:
“I was in a rage. We were arguing and shouting. I was just in shock and I didn’t know what to do. I was backing towards the kitchen, she was still coming towards me, arguing with me. I wanted her to keep quiet.”

Ernest Davenport has been sentenced to six years in prison for the of his ex wife, who had paid him a visit to discuss about the sale of their house and in the process the talks later metamorphosed into an argument that would lead to her been stabbed twice in the chest.

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