Loving A Nigerian Girl In These Hard Times


Loving a girl not a question of choice. When you are a Nigerian then you would have realized that is populated by Nigerian females more than any kind.

Which means that the Nigerian love drama is filled with a cast of very beautiful black Nigerian ladies.

Now there are other african ladies here in Nigeria, but the majority are those black thick ebony looking ladies that are full of love as well as expectations.

Yes, expectations!

Loving a Nigerian girl in these hard times Is a task that takes away the warmth out of a almost too fast.

Loving a Nigerian girl means that for the seed of love to grow uninterrupted then the male involved must be ready to play multiple roles of assistance.

Roles of the father, uncle and brother might overnight become the burden of the lover boy and I mean not just the emotional role but the financial as well.

In a country were poverty and lack of job is taking its toll on the populace, it is the the rule to find these males with little than is needed.

This is where loving a Nigerian girl becomes more of a burden than an experience of emotional romance.

Because the best way to love a Nigerian girl is to have enough to spend for her. But that’s not where the line of financial obligation ends.

The spending must continue to the point of catering for her family’s need, in other words the relationship becomes a charity organization.

Little wonder Nigerian dudes would play any trick in the books to avoid any relationship that looks and feels like commitment.

Because with commitment comes the obligations and the longer the commitments, the deeper it gets.

So you see, loving a Nigerian girl in these hard times is an idea that only the brave in heart can explore.

As for those with just love and no money, the last I check, such guys were being referred to as LIABILITIES.

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