Lupita Nyong’o And The African Culture


Lupita Nyong’o And The

Felix Brambaifa

The African can he grouped under things that are about to be phased out.

It on the verge of becoming extinct and only few are bothered.

But who can blame them?

With sate their material wants, to bring food on the table becoming more important than even the worship of God.

What then is African Culture to this lot but an old vibe from a lost past with no consequence if it no longer exist.

And this is where they all get it all wrong.

African Culture is not a phase but the original mark of who we are and where we are coming from.

It is our identity.

It is deep and it is ancestral.

When we abide to our African Cultures, we honor our forebears.


We tell them through it, that we are proud of what they stood for.

We tell them by participation in our African Culture that we are not ashamed of our color, that we are not inferior.

Lupita Nyong’o is that African Woman that makes this points more evident in our time.

She carries herself with pride, her skin as black as it can ever get.

Her culture is embedded in her skin, her decisions and actions and even the way she dresses tells you that she is African.

She is proud of the fact and displays it at every chance.

She knows that’s the only way forward:,the path through our culture.

She is a black woman worthy of emulation by everywhere.


And we are proud of her.

Because of her, it is now easy to understand what it means to be Black and Beautiful.

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