Maheeda Goes Topless Again in an Attempt to Encourage a Girl


By Felix Brambaifa
and voyeurism is the basis of maheeda’s existence and so it is not at all surprising to find her or almost naked but is surprising is the excuse of exposing flesh just to encourage another girl with obviously low esteem. Check out her rant…

“I wish I could leave the last pics here but I can’t , not really nice to see, I just wanted to help, but pls Work on your body girl… No time… Make up can do
a lot , but I am not a fan of make up, I just don’t feel comfortable in it , that’s why u see must of my pics are mostly natural, you need take time go to the doctor, do your research, ask experienced people and deal with pimples or skin problems … So you can have freedom to enjoy and be in your skin.. Love you all and stay blessed ??”

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