By Rasta Flames

I remember the days of childhood and the era of imposed taboos. Childhood meant your claim to existence was nothing except that permitted by the decision of an elder in the family. And I can remember the stern warnings never to indulge in any conduct that would damned my soul to hell and even more bring shame to the family. As a male child, the choices of misconducts were listed out and a moral embargo placed on them and one for which I am now a devoted disciple is MARIJUANA.

MARIJUANA, was that prime taboo, back in those days it signified sinfulness and any dude caught in the act was considered a bad person, moral and other wise. I was then a soldier in the crusade of exposing and criticising those to be found in its council but little did I know that adulthood would introduce me to the very awareness past ignorance had allowed reign.

My first experience with Marijuana was during my very first year in the University, Niger Delta University to be precise. And it was during this period that I realized the folly of my old misconceptions. I realized that not all the disciples of Marijuana were bad people, in fact marijuana has never been the cause of being bad. From my experience marijuana helps you with the drive to act out your dominant thoughts and character. It does not impose it’s own clandestine thoughts as I had once believed.

Now, many years after my first “kiss of the Rose” I am still my gentle self, no one knows of my indulging in the sacred act because nothing has changed. The intent of this article is simple and it is aimed at stating that Marijuana is not at all a bad thing

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