Marriage and Poverty



Marriage a blessing,  thus referred to as an holy matrimony but when is thrown into the mix,  it becomes a matrimonial curse.. A of chaos  and strife. With  poverty every marriage becomes a journey of endurance,  suppressed anger and then in its worst scenarios,  marriage becomes an explosive hate,  certain for destruction.

Every man and woman still hooked to the traditional values of this world carries in their heart the desire to one day do marriage with that person their emotions holds dear.  But despite this natural and traditional necessity marriage without wealth is a disaster.  To suffer alone is one thing,  but to have another share in that suffering is quite another story.

Every lady carries within her heart an expected end when it comes to marriage,  for them marriage is that moment when they become celebrated  royalties.  A single day of bliss and mirth.  On that day opulence must be exhibited,  no excuse is warranted?

The picture above is the  conveyance of a newly married couple and I fear for them already.  What is a man without finance for a nice car doing,  getting himself into a marriage.  Without being told,  it is obvious that the marriage would involve hardship and the silence of an angry wife.

Be that as it may be,  marriage should be seen for what it is and those not yet married  should not be deceived by pictures such as that.  Marriage is .  Marriage is not meant to be endured but rather be enjoyed. So my advice to all those out there,  eager to get themselves into that celebration call marriage… Please! first! For money and marriage goes together.

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