Martins Njuibuigbo And The Sad News Circulating The Nigerian Entertainment News Space

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The space is now agog with the sad image of Nollywood actor, .

The image of a protruding image is an eye sore and what is even worse is that fellow Nollywood actors are the ones on social media asking Nigerians to come donate so he can be saved.


An ordinary sum of 1 million Naira is what now want us to believe is hard for the industry to raise.
Yvonne Jegede had also posted on her Instagram page the following screenshot.


Gosh! Can’t these Celebrities do the needful. What is 1million Naira that they can’t rally around among Themselves and donate to Martins Njuibuigbo?
An angry follower of Kate Henshaw had to confront the actress on her page.


Its sad and pathetic! May Martins Njuibuigbo not die because of their stinginess!

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