Movie Trailers: THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE Trailer (2016)


Movie Trailers: THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE Trailer (2016)

Following a mysterious suburban massacre in a small Virginia town, police recover the half-buried body of a young woman (Olwen Kelly) and drop her at the local morgue for an urgent postmortem. A sprawling subterranean labyrinth, the morgue is a long-established family business run by gruff widower Tony Tilden (Brian Cox) and his son Austin (Emile Hirsch). Night is falling, and Austin is due to meet girlfriend Emma (Ophelia Lovibond) for a date. But he reluctantly postpones in order to help Dad solve the puzzle of this newly arrived Jane Doe.

Sliced open like a ripe melon, the nameless young woman’s exquisite corpse yields a goldmine of secrets, including broken bones, internal scars and burns that belie her pristine outer skin. Initially suspecting some kind of ritual human sacrifice, Tony and Austin dig deeper, finding runic symbols and occult spells that seem to link the girl to a notoriously dark chapter in American history. As an apocalyptic thunderstorm gathers force outside, events take a creepy turn inside the morgue. Lights flicker, radios crackle with eerie old songs, and dead bodies stir from their slabs.


Cast: Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox, Ophelia Lovibond, Michael McElhatton, Olwen Kelly

Director: Andre Ovredal

Screenwriters: Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing

Producers: Fred Berger, Eric Garcia, Ben Pugh, Rory Aitken

Executive producers: Stuart Ford, Matt Jackson, Steven Squillante

The is to be released on December 21, in the U.S.


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