Naija Singles And Sex Preferences


Naija Singles And Sex Preferences

The world evolving and so is the sexual clime of lots of .

Naija Singles and their sex preference is a necessary topic worthy of discussion because knowledge is power.

And the power  that comes from such knowledge would guide those trying to hook up with Singles for the first time.

The sexual preferences of these days is no longer a space dominated by heterosexuals, even here in Nigeria.

But this is where knowledge becomes a life saver.

Because should you approach an average Naija Single and propose same sex relationship, you might end up dead.

Majority of Nigerians are as straight as a needle and would prick anyone who offends their sexual values.

The percentage of Gay, lesbians and bisexuals is very small.

So small that you would think that they don’t exist. But they do.

So if you are out there and you are interested in a Naija Single then first make your research before making your move (I am assuming you ate not a Nigerian).

Because if you don’t you might end up in the after life too soon.

As Nigerians Homosexuality is forbidden, not just because of what the church said but more about our ancestral culture and values.

In essence what I am saying is that the Nigerian dating field is occupied by a majority heterosexual Naija Singles.

And majority of them would kill you, should your motives resemble that of a adventure.

So be guided or you be dead before you know it.

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