Naija Singles: Dating a Broke Dude


Naija Singles: a Broke Dude

Every girl confronted with dating broke guys in their lives.

For some of them, it was the greatest investment ever made.

While for others the frog just couldn’t be transformed by a kiss.

A lot of good guys have one common limitation when it comes to having a lady, and that is being poor or not very financially buoyant.

Love eventually becomes affected by the material abundance that surrounds it.

The lack of which, can eventually lead to permanent ruin.

But knowing and still moving ahead to dating a broke guy is the first sign a girl can show to prove that she is worthy of  being loved unconditionally.

Most are running after Ready Made Partners and this is the first step towards failures.

They want the finished product. They just don’t want to endure through the process of it.

But the truth is, when you go through the process, you become entitled to every part of it.

Its achievements becomes yours. When a woman endures moments of lack with a sane guy, she would be the happiest when the moment of abundance comes.

Going through that moment makes you a part of his story. A Page that when subtracted affects the whole book.

A lot of Singles, are in relationships not because of love but because of financial assistance.

Give them all the love and still, you wouldn’t have done enough and this is because their minds are fixed on something else.

A material gain!

It is the premise and conclusions of their love story.

But your love story shouldn’t be like theirs, it was meant to be unique and different.

And the only way for it to be that way is for you to first give and then wait to receive.

To love from the heart and not from the statistics of your wants.

To see the lack of your love interest as a private room you must help guard from public eyes.

Loving a broke dude is not a curse but the chance to be part of something great.

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