Naija Singles: The Problem With Dating A Broke Dude


Naija Singles: The Problem With A Broke Dude

The problem with dating a broke dude that he might become too comfortable with his financial backwardness.

We have seen situations where a female single decides to go through the hard time with a guy.

And the guy just maintains the status quo. Bothers not to the picture.

In his heart, he says “my girl is a simple babe, she can manage the little we have”.

What little?

That’s where some male get it all wrong.

There is no lady out there who does not want comfort in a material Paradise.

Their decision to wait for you, does not mean they don’t desire for it even in that moment.

So if you are a broke dude with a considerate girl friend, don’t wait until she gets frustrated and decide to leave.

Start your hustle and grind now. Before it’s too late.

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