By Pen Talks
NDU the acronym for the and this is for those ignorant of this factual claim. NDU is the state university of . NDU is the only University whether public or private in the state apart from colleges and other forms of higher education.

One would think that NDU playing the role of the only University would boast of modern facilities and structure but when the unknowing eyes of fresher’s meet its existence for the very first time,it is now a recorded norm for their disappointment leading to this very question “is this the NDU, despite all the oil in Bayelsa?”

NDU is an infrastructural shame, a middle sized estate with lots of architectural monstrosities as if built to send the minds of her many aesthetically conscious students into a spasmodic annoyance. It is nothing outstanding, I could dare to call it a university of buildings when architectural creatures are to be evaluated and judge otherwise.

NDU has no beautiful structure.
As an indigene of state I find the deplorable condition of the university’s structure and structuring as a self proclaiming fact that Bayelsa as a state and a nation of the Izon people has failed. No Nation can flourish without education, especially the Izon people who are scattered and backward in this regard as if by a deliberate curse.

Whoever is responsible for the Bayelsa and Izon educational project in Bayelsa should be executed without remorse. Where ever I look I see failure. The educational structure is so rotten that NDU, the personification of this idea is nothing to write home about. This article is not concerned with the intellectual capacity of NDU (that is a matter for another day) but with the poor structural state the school has found itself in recent time as if the revenue from its schooling business can do nothing for the sake of maintenance.

As long as her structures are left in decrepit conditions the acclaim of NDU will continue to plummet down the latrine hole on whose very face NDU is located

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