By Mr Bum Bum
You see them in their numbers and you nod to yourself, with that thought running through your mind, like ” Now they are graduates, they can’t wait to leave NDU for good”

Now this where a lot of people get it wrong. NDU as a university might be tough and not so nice to the average student but within her embrace are more certain prospects, and in this context, it is the “GIRLS”.

Far from the conversation but not outside of hearing range, I sat unnoticed. A group of graduate students in school for their NYSC letters were relaxed under a mango tree opposite the FAA vicinity.

“So we dey live these fishes behind” lamented one of them.

“Fresh fish” cried another.

Their talk continued unhindered and so I listened undisturbed. It was one of imminent regret, in their remarks it all showed, it showed their reluctance to leave NDU behind, a place they had lived for four and even more years, a place where boys became men in the art of female , their own sexual battle ground.

“I never really enjoy NDU girls” Sighed another.

“No be you dey claim holy holy” came a reply.

Then came the sudden laughter’s, slight but not unusual insults, from one to the other. It was during this moment that they came passing bye, those daughters of Eve whose beauty was in every sense, a sexual provocation. And their presence like a command of silence, immediately forced that on the boys, I smiled.

For a while it seemed as if nothing would happen but then one of them (I figured the boldest) as if pushed to action by an invincible hand, without hesitation went after them, shouting as he went ” excuse me! Excuse me!” Repeatedly.

The others followed and as many would say, the rest was history.

I laughed, but despite the good mood I could feel a foreboding of when my turn would come and how I would miss NDU, and all she represents.

You never know that you love something so much until you are separated from it, I finally realize that as students of NDU we all love her in our own way.

Whether we like it or not. I think NDU is a great school not because of her structure or discipline but because me and you made it our home for four/five years, we went through her rigours and succeeded. As students we are the consciousness of , it is our duty to speak well of her.

This piece is for all my graduated friends out there who now misses NDU and for those to come, who will miss her also, especially those SWEET NDU .

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