News Summary: Not Less Than 5 Firefighters, Stabbed and Manhandled In Lagos

Gossip Chef

All they wanted to do was give service to the community, to save lives and properties but hoodlums in the part of would not have it. As they attacked the who had respond to a building engulfed in fire.

According to The Director of the Lagos State Fire Service, Rasak Fadipe:

“The state has observed with dismay the frequent attacks on its officials and obstruction of same from carrying out their official duties by hoodlums.
“Over five officers were seriously injured on Idewu Street, Olodi-Apapa, Ajegunle and Odunsi Street, Itire-Surulere. The officers were dedicated and hardworking, and their motive was to save lives and property.
“The gallant officers responded to distress calls and were about to carry out their statutory duties when the hoodlums, who wanted to avail themselves of the opportunity to loot and steal from fire victims, saw them as obstacle and started attacking, stabbing and chasing them from the scenes of the fire incidents.
“A senior officer’s ear was stabbed with a broken bottle. A bottle was smashed on another’s head, while others were manhandled. In order to prevent a confrontation and breakdown of law and order, the officials retreated and ran for their lives.”

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