Nigeria and Her People



Felix Brambaifa
a country, one comprised of great fools and idiots and the wise themselves are in this region to be located. A country where every man is convinced of their own wisdom to the extent that if of God would come to them directly it certainly would be taken for granted. Nigeria is such a country, run by foolish people who think unless it is their thoughts demonstrated then it is nothing of value. Nigeria is that country.

Nigeria hates her own but cuddle the unnecessary excuse of others to the detriment of her own people. She is a pretender, a whore among nations.

Operated by the principle of hypocrisy, there is not to be found in any of her administrative chambers a patriot whose predilection favours the want of the .

Thus the handlers of this country are at war with the ordinary man on the streets whose worse vexatious rant would seem like nothing to their willful disinterest.

But sadly enough the people do not understand their Nigeria as they should or maybe they do but think that by ignoring truth, their worst fear just might become bored and vanish away but  no,this is not the way things tend to operate in the real world, in a country like Nigeria where the worse to many is evidently the ordained theme.

Only if the people would take a gaze anew and determine the error before them, enough to decipher the hypocrisy of just a few men and discover for themselves that is the politicians and consequently so the politicians are.the deliberate disease of the Nigerian estate, only then can the March against our oppression find reasonable momentum.

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