Nigeria And The Change Mantra


Felix Brambaifa

Someone once said that Nigerians are very gullible, that never had there existed a people completely deceived at every turn. I agree!

For the people the APC led government with at the helms of affairs the remedy from heaven that not even the Devil can withstand, but I beg to differ.

No single man can heal of her many diseases. And to even think about it is a disease in itself that needs curing.

The that Nigeria and Nigerians truly need is one that can only be collectively attained. The sort that comes from the deeds of general repentance, because the truth is, Nigeria is corrupt and backward because we all made it so.

Conclusively unless every Nigerians are ready to play their part, kill their own corrupt and selfish impulses, nothing will change. Even if Buhari is suddenly granted the Midas Touch, unless every or the greater percentage of Nigerians make themselves the agencies of change, Nigerian would remain the same and Buhari a failure.

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