Nigeria And The Era Of Recession


Nigeria And The Era Of Recession

Most people had never heard of the word before, not until the finance minister  Kemi Adeosun brought it to their notice

Ever since then, Nigerians have come to realize that as a country and as a people, they have become officially broke.

So broke, that feeding themselves has become almost like the tasks of Hercules.

They are struggling now more than ever and if there one person, they would love to hold accountable.

It would be .

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When the word recession is mentioned, it immediately brings to mind the face of this supposed Nigerian ascetic president.

Whose reign has imposed on their heads the veil of poverty, so terrible that the future now seem tainted with unredeemable gloom.

The prices of basic commodities has skyrocketed as if in competition with NASA space projects.

They now want the real because sadly and with pains attached, they have come to realize that Buhari’s change might send them permanently to the arid clime of starvation.

But then even with this recession taking its toll on all and sundry. They are many Nigerians still living life on the high side.

Nigerians who are ready to buy the new iPhone 7 for 700 thousand naira, as if it is a talisman for eternal life.

In this time when our should go towards the area of home made goods, more and more are still buying goods in dollars.

The truth is we are responsible for our woes. We want things to get better yet our effort is so minimal, that even a mosquito would not be affected when slapped with it.

The recession is real and so are the Nigerians still buying from outside the shores, instead of spending it on their soil.

Imagine gathering all the money spent on iPhone 7 at the moment and you would realize what huge finance is being wasted.

So huge that it would create multiple businesses, employ people and help float the failing economy.

As Nigerians we have the duty naturally placed on us, to be useful to our country.

And in this case it begins with where and how we spend our money.

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