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Felix Brambaifa

To be a blogger is to write about events in whatever form the blogger chooses. But what does it mean to be a BLOGGER? A is a NIGERIAN who writes mainly gossips and in its refines form, writes article on important topics.

The average NIGERIAN blogger is in it for the supposed money that comes with a popular , not for the love of writing or disseminating information, thereby educating the audience. The majority of NIGERIAN bloggers therefore are Into for the cash and thus are not bothered with the content they share. The NIGERIAN blogger basically shares stories on their blog which is in its entirety as the same as the post on the other NIGERIAN bloggers blog.

When you visit a and then leave that web address and then visit another NIGERIAN blog, you would be confronted by the similarities of caption and content. A signifier that a lot of NIGERIAN bloggers just copy posts from other NIGERIAN blogs and then paste on theirs.

Bad blogging journalism to say the least but that is what is attainable in the NIGERIAN Blogosphere these days.
But yet I still believe despite the mass practice of this sort of blogging, that originality and creativity is the must ingredient for a successful blogging career.

To get stories from another NIGERIAN blog is not the issue, the issue is writing the same story as it was written on that blog without giving it your own interpretation and rendering it from your own perspective.

Thus to be a good NIGERIAN blog or blogger, you must start now, desisting from copy and pasting from other NIGERIAN blogs and giving out information and gists as put forth by your own originality and creativity.

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