Nigerian Celebrities And The Notion Of National Unity


Nigerian And The Notion Of National Unity

National unity is an imperative that must be acquired here in Nigeria.

A fact that has refused, through decades to imprint itself on the canvass of manifestation.

National unity is one thing Nigeria as a country lack that is as dangerous as the prevailing spread and dominance of corruption

The lack of national unity is the mirror reflecting the many broken parts in the county’s structure.

And all roads must lead to it’s betterment or else Nigeria is only destined for it’s eventual doom.

To help make this a reality is the influence that carry.

They are seen as role models, influencers and even regarded as neutral grounds when it comes to ethnic bias.

A like has over the years shown the importance of his status.

From his early days, the Benue born artist has been seen and heard singing about peace and love.

In fact he is known for the “one love” chant heard in various of his songs.

A chant meant to echo the need to live life through the application of love as a constant day to day routine.

Imagine the many Celebrities following this path and each, promoting the values of national unity.

Imagine the change it would yield.

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